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Noble Wood Takedown Recurve Bow


*Laminated wood riser with solid wood from European and America.
*Comfortable narrow grip
*Multi-layers of marple wood core and European fiberglass into the limbs
*Re-designed enhanced smaller limb tips to reduce vibration
*Sight stabilizer bushing installed, and the screw hole for the cushion plunger
*Designed for Shooting with arrow rest and shooting with shelf rest for a more traditional shooting style.
*Excellent central line and smooth arrow flight.
*It’s very affordable and built with traditional style and look!

  • 48”RH:10lbs--28lbs in 2# increments.
  • 54”RH:10lbs--36lbs in 2# increments.
  • 62”RH:12lbs--36lbs in 2# increments.
  • 66”RH:12lbs--38lbs in 2# increments.
  • 68”RH:12lbs--40lbs in 2# increments.
  • 70”RH:14lbs--42lbs in 2# increments.


1. This bow set includes bow riser, limbs, string (with rubber finger tab on), arrow rest and aiming sight. Great entry-level bow to start.

2. Interface: Take down construction, easy to install & transport. No wrench required.

3. Riser Materials: Laminated Solid wood from Europe & America with comfortable narrow grip, for soft & smooth shooting.

4. Limbs: Improved tip construction, excellent central line make faster speed & less vibration.

5. Limbs Materials: Maple wood core & European fiberglass limbs, make good elasticity, stable & strong & durable.

Student-ID First Name
48”RH 10lbs--28lbs in 2# increments.
54”RH 10lbs--36lbs in 2# increments.
62”RH 12lbs--36lbs in 2# increments.
66”RH 12lbs--38lbs in 2# increments.
68”RH 12lbs--40lbs in 2# increments.
70”RH 14lbs--42lbs in 2# increments.

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